Our Incredible Team!


Aaron Suttle

Aaron is our resident pastor, sage, and sadhu. He is never short of dry humor, expensive coffee, or Jesus t-shirts. He helps pastor our Young Professionals, and oversees our churches training and sending schools. He can also throw down a legit sermon on demand!


Kami Suttle

Kami is an incredible mom of four, we know she looks 22 and there is no way she has that many kids. Kami helps pastor our Young Professionals, disciples women, and keeps the church finances on track. She also was a cheerleader in high school (little known fact)!


Amy Staak

Amy is our uber creative graphic design worship pastor. She is super fun, funny, and will definitely be your best friend. You won’t find a cooler, Chuck Taylor wearing, hipster from KZN. Oh yea, and she grew up in the Middle East.


Sunganani Silubonde

Sunganani is a jet-set, formula 1 loving, brilliant app developer.

She helps pastor our Young Professionals on the side. Sunganani also helps with the training schools. She can be found making people laugh and is a great teacher!


Jason Kennedy

Jason is our lead pastor, along with his wife Ashley. Jason is full of energy, ideas, and always has a dad joke on hand (yes, he has 4 incredible kids!) Jason leads our church with humility and kindness. He also always has a cup of coffee brewing and is an incredible communicator. Fun fact: Jason speaks Russian and also has a law degree!


Ashley Kennedy

Ashley is the fun-loving, dreamer, speaker, every-ones-best-friend, lead pastor of our church. She is always up for playing (by this we mean WINNING) games, going to the beach with her four kids, and running the restaurants she owns! She’s also our (self-proclaimed) resident grandma (yep. She likes to sew and make quilts.)


Our Vision

We are a diverse church that loves Jesus and will make disciples across the continent.

If you don’t know Jesus, we invite you into an amazing adventure that will change your life forever. Jesus is better than you know, and He’ll meet you right where you are. Antioch Community Church Cape Town is a church full of imperfect people that worship a perfect God!

We think the church should look like the early church in Acts. Church isn't a building or just a Sunday gathering, it happens throughout the week in Lifegroups that meet throughout the city. 

Our church is part of a larger group of churches called the Antioch Movement of Churches.  They meet all across the earth and believe the local church can not only impact their neighbourhood and city but can also mobilize and send people across the planet.