Frequently asked questions

What do I wear?

We are super casual, come as you are!

What do I do with my Kids?

We love kids!  We have a special service for kids that happens concurrently with the main service.  They learn relevant teachings for kids, and always have a blast.  They are in a secure environment with trained staff that will love them!

Will I be judged?

Our church is full of imperfect people!  Don’t worry if you don’t have everything together you’ll be in great company!

How long does it last?

Our services are normally 2 hours long.  They include coffee and snacks, modern worship music, relevant biblical teaching, something fun, and friendly people.

Will I be singled out?

No!  We want you to come and be a part and we want to meet you, but we promise to not embarrass or single you out.

Where and what time is your service at again?
Once a month @ 10am at the Belmont Conference Centre